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Trestle Board


October 26th  dinner at 6pm and meeting at 7pm

November 9th dinner at 6pm and meeting at 7pm

November 223h dinner at 6pm and meeting at 7pm

December 14th th dinner at 6pm and meeting at 7pm

Keep Posted for COVID  Updates

Always looking for Good Men. If you want to make a difference in our world and yourself, please consider being a Freemason.

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2020 Manawa Lodge #82 

Officers & Appointed Positions

Worshipful Master      Glenn Haroldson

Senior Warden              Don Gans

Junior warden              Karl Simonsons

Secretary                       Thomas Squires

Treasurer                        Thomas Squires

Chaplain                         Steve Rice

Senior Deacon               Shane Sturm

Junior Deacon                Chris Mollica

Tyler                                 David Lindsay

Senior Deacon               Tom Wingert

Junior Deacon                Alex Spreeman


Don Gans President   Pro Tem      till Dec 31,2021

David Forsythe                               till Dec 31, 2020

Curt Field                                         till Dec 31, 2020

Tom Wingert                                   till Dec 31, 2021   Fred Zaug                                      t ill Dec 31, 2021                                                

Glenn Haroldson                 Worship Master

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