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The Manawa Masonic Center - Lodge #82 was built in 2007 with the funds from Dr. Clifford Seelig. Due to his unexpected gift to the Masonic community, our lodge has been flourishing through scholarships, events, and its' members ever since.  Scholarships Awarded since 2007   $165,000.00  Helping young adults fulfill their dreams.

Who was Dr. Clifford Seelig?

Dr. Clifford Seelig, formerly of Weyauwega, provided funds for this new lodge. His generosity will also establish a scholarship program for students at all seven high schools in Waupaca County.

An Unexpected Gift

When asked to recount how Manawa Lodge learned of the benevolence of Brother Seelig, he explained that the lodge began receiving account statements from the Bank of America. “At first, we thought it must have been a mistake,” Worshipful Master Tom Squires said. “We turned the matter over to Brother Dave Forsythe, a member of Manawa Lodge and partner in the law firm of Omholt & Forsythe, and he said he’d contact the bank and look into the matter,” Bro. Squires added.

The report that came back was totally unexpected according to Squires. The lodge was informed that this account was part of a trust (the Clifford and Nettie M. Seelig Trust) and the lodge was listed as the beneficiary. The lodge received a copy of the trust agreement, along with members of family. The trust stipulated that upon the death of Nettie Seelig, who passed last winter, the proceeds were to go to Manawa Lodge for the construction of a lodge home that matched the high ideals of Masonry.

The balance of the trust was specified for the establishment of perpetual scholarships to help qualified graduating students from high schools in Waupaca County continue their education in college or technical school. In answer to questions raised during planning about how big the lodge should be, building committee chair Squires replied: “We’re building with an eye towards future. You don’t build it for today. We’re building for the future, perhaps as a regional Masonic Center.” The lodge will be roughly equal distant from Clintonville, NewLondon, Waupaca and Iola.

About Brother Seelig: Manawa Lodge benefactor Clifford Seelig received his degrees in 1928 in Weyauwega Lodge No. 82. After retiring as a dentist he and his wife Nettie moved to Florida, where he died in 1987. Weyauwega Lodge merged with Manawa in 1995.

"—he made it happen", stated Tom Squires, Manawa Lodge Worshipful Master and chair of the building committee."Manawa and the area-wide community will be proud of this building and what it will mean to Masonry. I have to say that without the very generous benevolence from a former member of the lodge, Dr. Clifford Seelig this would not have happened," Squires said. "This opportunity to build a new Masonic Center will hopefully build on the future of Freemasonry in Waupaca County and the Fraternity".

Thank You Brother Seelig

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